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BeanTech BT-84 Acrylic Case
review by David, 21 April 2003


Case-modding has become a part of nearly every computer-geek's life. It is getting more and more common to see a PC user who tends to 'dress up' their computer. How dressy the computer is, that's a question too general to answer. Some prefer modding their own cases; planning and building the entire housing using materials bought from supply stores while their creative juices provide the mental image of how they want their creation to look like. While serious casemodding often entails a lot of hard work and usually a considerable amount of money, there are users who would prefer to pay for a professionally designed, fully functional product without having to go through all that effort.

Acrylic cases were once a product of someone's creativity; building a computer case strictly from acrylic. Then enterprising individual(s) took that idea and mass-produced the acrylic case, making it available to the masses, for a price of course.

BeanTech is one company among many who produce and market their own line of acrylic cases. BeanTech supplied the BT-84 acrylic case which we're going to review today.

While acrylic cases aren't exactly a new idea to the market, many implementations of acrylic cases had a lot of weaknesses and structural faults. The many reviews i've read over the months all had good things to say about how the cases looked, but all had more than a couple of points concerning structural faults or mistakes in design which impeded proper hardware installation. Not very promising for something so expensive. We'll see how well BeanTech's BT-84 stands up to our perusal.


Here are the specifications of the BT-84, taken from Beantech's website.

  • Transparent Acrylic ATX Chassis
  • Designed for demonstration
  • Drive Bays 4x5.25" External 2x3.5"External 5x3.5"Hidden
  • Expansion slots x7
  • 8cm cooling fan x 3
  • USB 2.0 + IEEE 1394
  • 490mm x 205mm x 450mm

Lets check out the case!

A Closer Look >>

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