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review by terion, 26 August 2001


CoolMax CBG-38

Finally, a review out after a long absence. Sorry guys and gals, I was really busy with work and all, and I just have one thing to say: Working life sucks big time. Those of you still studying, well, enjoy your student life while you can, cause you'll never get it back. I know this only too well. Okay on with the review...

A relatively new name in the cooler business, CoolMax is a Taiwanese company with only 2 coolers currently on the market for processors as far as I know. The one here is supposedly the higher end model, CBG-38, the other being CSF-38.

The CBG-38 comes with a T&T fan which looks like the same fan that came with the ThermoEngine V60-4225. This is actually quite a powerful fan, no CFM figures but its in the 35+CFM region. It also tends to vibrate quite a bit, even more than the Delta Black Label 38CFM.

At first glance the heatsink looks like a Power Cooler PCH137/ OCZ Gladiator but further inspection reveals that its a totally different heatsink. Its easy to mistake it because of its similar size and shape and also the long and slim fins. The difference being the clip which is more conventional compared to the Power Cooler PCH137/ OCZ Gladiator where the clip actually clamps the cooler down by the two bars which run though the heatsink.

The cooler came in this box. It also came with a green colored thermal pad at the CPU contact point.

The box

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