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Zalman CNPS 5000-Plus
review by david, 29 July 2001

The Package


The package includes:

  • CNPS-5000+ FHS assembly
  • FHS assembly Fan (6025)
  • Four Bolts A (59~63mm)
  • Four Bolts B (42~47mm)
  • Four Bolts C (16~13mm)
  • Four Nipples (spacers)
  • Four Tapered Springs
  • Four Washers A (6mm)
  • Eight Washers B (8mm)
  • Thermal Grease
  • Noiseless Connector RC56(Length : 90mm), RC100(Length: 60mm)
  • Spare Components


Coming in one of the most impressive packages I have seen to date from a heatsink manufacturer, the Zalman CNPS 5000-Plus aims to impress, as well as perform. The heatsink, which is compatible with both AMD Socket A and Intel Pentium 4 CPUs, provides sufficient components in the package to mount the heatsink, as well as providing some spares in the case of misplaced parts. As with all Zalman heatsinks, a syringe of white goop a.k.a. plain thermal grease is provided, allowing the user to mount the heatsink instantly after opening the packaging. The nioseless connectors are of different length, where the longer one, measuring 90mm, is used for low-noise mode, whereas the shorter one, measuring 60mm, is used for silent mode. Obviously, in silent mode, the resistor used in the connector is of a higher rating, allowing less voltage to pass through to the fan.

Also provided is a detailed manual of sorts, with really tiny print. While being a little hard on the eyes, detailed drawings and diagrams accompany the explanations, which is very straight to the point. Coming in both English and Korean, the manual shows you how to install the heatsink properly onto your motherboard, detailing the steps from unpacking to assembly of the heatisnk itself, and finally mounting it onto your CPU/motherboard.

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