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Crucial 256MB PC2100 DDR Memory
review by david, 25 March 2002


Memory modules by Crucial were rare in Malaysia some time ago, with the modules being bought by enthusiasts who could swallow the huge shipping costs incurred in bringing the modules back home. Recently, a local computer hardware store, Overclockers Paradise took the initiative by ordering Crucial memory modules in bulk, thereby sharing out the cost of shipping among multiple buyers.

I took the opportunity to purchase one of the 256MB PC2100 DDR memory modules available when upgrading from my older KT133A system to an AXP1700+ and Soltek SL75-DRV7 KT266A motherboard a couple of weeks back. The module cost me RM 330 ( USD 86.84 ) at the time.

DDR in Brief

DDR memory (Double Data Rate) memory is different from the previous generation of SDRAM. SDRAM has a different pin design for mounting to the motherboard, and thus obviously cannot be used in motherboards supporting regular SDRAM. Theoretically, DDR memory modules allow transfer of data twice as fast as SDRAM, though in real world performance the figures in memory bandwidth do not actually double.


  • Module Size: 256MB
  • Package: 184-pin DIMM
  • Feature: DDR PC2100
  • Configuration: 32Meg x 64
  • DIMM Type: Unbuffered
  • Error Checking: Non-parity
  • Speed: • Voltage: 2.5V
  • SDRAM Timings:CL=2.5

Lets take a look at the memory stick itself.

A closer look >>

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