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Everglide Mousing Surface
review by david, 23 August 2001


Custom mousing surfaces are fast becoming a trend, with the older cloth pads put aside and replaced by names such as 3M, Ratpadz, fUnc and Everglide. Most notable are the Ratpadz and the Everglide mousepads, which are made of tough plastic-like material, though not necessarily the same between both brands. To some they feel like mini chopping boards, and are textured similarly too.

I had to opportunity to loan an Everglide mousepad from a local computer store, Compuzone, for review, which of course has to be returned. Thank goodness for that. Why? Read on and find out.

A Closer Look


The pad I obtained was white in color, rather plain in fact, except for the Everglide company logo on the bottom left of the pad's surface. Having a roughly oval shape, the pad also has a cutout of sorts to accomodate the user's wrist, thus the pad itself is slightly elevated above the desktop level where the user's wrist will be resting. Behind the pad, you will see 6 little transparent rubber feet, which serve to secure the mousepad to the surface on which it is put, namely the desktop. These feet provide quite a strong grip, and thus the pad doesn't slide around whilst in usage.


The logo imprinted at the bottom left corner of the pad doesn't look very permanent, and will erode over time, as the pad is used. It's surface is slightly textured, but not as pebbled as the Ratpadz of [H]ardOCP fame. To me, this allows for less than sufficient grip and smoothness for the mouse. Though it offers an obvious improvement over a normal cloth pad, and of course way better than the desktop, it doesn't feel as smooth as it should.


One major niggle I had with the mousepad was that my Logitech optical mouse wouldn't track properly on it. The cursor would shake and tremble like nobody's business. My older Logitech wheel mouse worked fine on it. Probably due to the white color, but my optical mouse works on white desktops, e.g. my table back on campus in my dorm.

Size-wise, it fits on the average user's desktop with no trouble, though I would have preferred a larger size. Unfortunately, Compuzone only stocks one size, so locals are out of luck on this one.


Pricing is around RM 75, equivalent to USD 19 or so.Thats quite expensive, considering the Ratpadz goes for around RM 10 (USD 2.60) less, depending on where you shop for it, in Malaysia of course. Mucho moolah for something so small. For that money, I could go get something else. Heck, add on a few bucks and maybe get a fUnc pad. Then again, there are those few who prefer a small mousing surface. The Everglide pad works fine on ball mice, but not all optical mice. Maybe if it was a colored pad, it would be a different story. My thanks to Compuzone, Low Yat Plaza for letting me experience the Eveglide experience. Ugh. My say? The Ratpadz rocks way more than this pad ever will.

Short review, eh? Not much you can write about a mousepad. Comments, flames? Direct them here!!


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