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Spire 5F271B1L3 FalconRock I Socket A/370 Cooler
review by David, 18 November 2002



Fanner is a name that is no stranger to the world of CPU cooling solutions. Marketing a wide range of coolers under different brands including Speeze and Spire, they have a reputation of producing budget level coolers that perform quite well on today's high heat producing CPUs.

The Spire 5F271B1L3 FalconRock I Socket A/370 Cooler is a socket-based cooler, compatible with both Intel socket 370 and AMD socket 462 configurations. This cooler is the exact same as the Spire 5F263 we reviewed way earlier, with the exception of two improvements on the 5F271B1L3:

  • 3 prong clip
  • Copper slug embedded into the base

About the Fanner Group

The Fanner Group was founded in 1991, it is the Chinese manufacturer of Spire® brand for computer thermal solutions. To meet the needs of the global market, the Fanner Group have established the production facilities in China, the head office in Taiwan and overseas branches in The Netherlands, U.K., Germany, United States and Japan all strategically located to the customers we serve.


  • Dimensions
    • Heat sink : 80×80×44 mm (l × w × h)
    • 12VDC Fan : 80×80×25mm
  • Bearing Ball bearing
  • Rated speed 2300 RPM +/-10%
  • Rated power 1.08 W
  • Noise level 25.0 dBA
  • Air flow 27.99
  • Current 0.09 A
  • Life hours Ball: 50.000
  • Features Forged aluminum fan frame, 3 grip clip, copper base
  • Connector 3 Pin, mainboard
  • Application AMD :
    • Athlon MP ~ 2100+ (Thoroughbred)
    • Athlon XP ~ 2800+ (Thoroughbred)
    • Athlon XP ~ 2100+ (Palomino)
    • Athlon ~ 1.4 GHz (Thunderbird)
    • Duron ~ 1.3 GHz (Morgan)
  • Thermal resistance 0.52 °C/W
  • Thermal type White grease pre-applied

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