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Gainward Geforce4 Powerpack! Ultra/750-8X XP Golden Sample
review by David, 7 July 2003


Graphics cards have come a long way in the past year or so. A little more than 6 months ago, I was still fiddling with my MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 card, which was still relatively new at the time. Also at that time, ATi was having some success with their Radeon 8500 series of graphics cards. DirectX 8 and later DirectX 8.1 was the current standard. Fast forward to the present, the previous series of cards have been superceded by DirectX 9.0a parts, with the current champion from being the Radeon 9800 card from ATi. nVidia is still alive and kicking with their GeforceFX 5900 series of graphics cards. So where does that leave all the older graphics cards? While manufacturers are obviously intent on phasing out older cards and replacing them with newer ones, older cards from the nVidia Geforce4 Ti series and ATi's Radeon series lower than the 9700s are still very much available in the market. You can't really expect everyone to simply upgrade once new technology comes out. Many people can't afford to get the latest and the greatest, so they usually head for older cards as they cost much less.


Some manufacturers just love having long product names filled with wierd acronyms and serial numbers; and Gainward happens to be one of them. Try saying the full title of the product we're reviewing today, 10 times in a row as fast as you can. :P

Jokes aside, Gainward can be considered one of the bigger names in the graphics card manufacturing industry. Some of their more noteable achievments include a joint cooperation with Bit-Tech to produce custom watercooling kits for Gainward GeforceFX graphics cards. Gainward's product line is almost exclusively based on nVidia graphics chipsets.

We take a look at the Gainward Geforce4 Powerpack! Ultra/750-8X XP Golden Sample graphics card which is based on nVidia's Geforce4 Ti4400 graphics chipset. Not exactly the newest card of the lot, but still fast enough for current games available on the market.

Lets take a quick look at the specifications of the card itself.

Specifications >>

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