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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
review by KillarKai, 1 March 2002


Tom Hanks' "Saving Private Ryan" enjoyed stunning success at the 1998 Academy Awards, winning 5 Oscars. To bank on the success of the movie is reasonable, but not exactly a good idea. Very few games that were based on successful movies make it up to the summit of video game charts, and were normally quickly forgotten by the gaming community. The Star Wars flight simulation series(X-wing, Tie-fighter, X-wing vs Tie-fighter, X-wing alliance etc.) and the fondly remembered Indiana Jones adventure series were only the few of such examples. To be fair to the game, Medal of Honour Allied Assault (or better known as MOHAA) isn't exactly based on Saving Private Ryan, but Steven Spielberg (who returned home with a Little Gold Man as the Best Director that night) did lend a hand in creating the game.

Oh, FYI, the images are linked to much much bigger images captured at 1024*768. Be forewarned ;)

The games market is overwhelmed by first person shooters nowadays, with Red Faction, Operation Flashpoint, Alien vs Predator 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Medal of Honour and Serious Sam 2 coming out one after another. However, I personally feel that comparisons will be made mostly between Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honour. Both games feature the Quake 3 engine, and both plot the goody-goodies of America against the nasty Nazis (as usual).

Medal of Honour: Allied Assault was previewed at E3, and the D-Day landing of June 6, 1944 at Omaha Beach scene recreated from the Saving Private Ryan managed to blow all minds with its gritty realism and heart-thumping action. And that made the game one of the most anticipated titles; did it live up to the bill? Let's have a look.

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