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Machine Rounded IDE / Floppy Cables
review by David, 16 January 2002


Rounded cables are fast becoming a must-have in the computer enthusiast's rig, be it for gaming, work, or otherwise. Overclockers Paradise let me take home a couple of rounded cables for review, as shown in the picture below. The top four are IDE cables, whereas the bottom two are floppy cables. The floppy cables are 60cm in length, whereas the IDE cables are 60cm in length too. The length is sufficient to reach practically every drive bay in your case, especially if you're running a full tower like me.

Contrary to what some people may believe, having rounded cables in no way improves performance of your IDE cables, or your harddisk or CDROMs, for that matter. The main issue that rounded cables were meant to tackle was the jungle of flat IDE cables tangled around inside a typical case, disrupting airflow inside the case, thus leading to higher temperatures. Having lots of fans in your system won't help a bit if the air can't flow properly throughout the system.

Rounded cables allow for easier management of your IDE or floppy cables, also lessening the space taken up by the cables themselves. This allows the air inside the case to flow better, thus leading to lower case temperatures, and possibly a better overclock, or a more stable system.

The Cables

IDE cables

Floppy cables

The cables are machine rounded, as well as measuring 24" long. This cable has two headers to connect two IDE drives. The end to be connected to the IDE channel is blue in color, and the cable is wrapped securely in a strong and supple rubber sheath. The floppy connectors are all black though, but it doesn't matter which end you plug them in, they will still work.

IDE cables

Floppy cables

Moving the rubber sheath down, the wires are exposed. For the IDE cable, each data wire is twisted with its corresponding ground wire, all done by machine. This decreases the risk of interference and data corruption, though I don't guarantee that there won't be a chance of any screwups in data transfer. As for the floppy cable, the individual wires are separated nicely all the way, except for the parts right beside the connector itself.

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