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review by David, 28 June 2002


Noise is an issue whose importance varies from one computer enthusiast to another enthusiast. One can decide to put up with extra noise, in return for being able to eke out maximum performance from his rig. Another may decide to accept the increase in temperature by moving to a more silent cooling solution which doesn't cool as well.

The usual method of moving to a quieter cooling solution involves changing from a high speed fan to a lower rated speed fan, i.e. from 7200rpm to 5400rpm, whereby the lower RPMs equate to less noise generated. Another alternative involves changing to a bigger fan, i.e. 60mm fan to 80mm fan, where the 80mm fan produces airflow similar to the 60mm fan, but at less RPMs due to the bigger fan blades pushing more air.

One heatsink/fan that's noted for it's performance as well as it's low noise properties is the Noisecontrol Silverado. Manufactured in Germany, this heatsink is only sold by ChillBlast, who also happen to be the only official US and UK distributor of the Silverado. I couldn't find it anywhere else, so ChillBlast is the only place to go if you'd like to get one.

From the picture, the only special thing about the cooler is the type of fans used. Not your normal everyday CPU fans too. Another special feature about this cooler that isn't shown in the picture is that it has a silver plate for a base. How well the silver performs in terms of heat absorption, we'll see later during testing.

Lets take a look at the contents of the box that the Silverado came in.

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