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Yamaha CRW2100E (16X10X40X)
review by terion, 28 May 2001


CD writers or burners have come a long way since they were first introduced. I still remember using my friend's SCSI HP 2X CD writer, it used to take about 40 minutes to an hour to burn one CD. Then there was the 4X Write 2X Rewrite drives, that was when I bought my first CD writer, a HP 8200 series. It was fast (for that period) until the 8X4X drive arrived. So after selling the HP to a friend, I bought a Sony CRX-140E. It was an 8X4X32X drive. At this point I thought I wouldn't have to upgrade again, considering that 8X is very fast (a CDR takes around 10 minutes to finish writing to).

Then it started, first the 10X then 12X and soon after the 16X. As one might aspect, prices of the 16X models should be high, however, one drive, the YAMAHA CRW2100E (16X10X40X) really surprised me, when I first saw it, it was priced just RM100 (USD27) higher than my Sony. I told myself I had to get it, and after period of saving up some dough, I finally have bought it.

I bought it for RM700 (USD185), now the prices have dropped to around the RM500-600 (USD130-150) area. So far I think this is the cheapest 16X burner in Malaysia. Other brands like Ricoh, Sony, Plextor, HP and etc. are all either very highly priced or still lacking a 16X model. Come to think of it, this drive was once the fastest in the world, only recently being surpassed by its 20X sibling.

The Package


As you can see, this is a retail model and it comes with lots of stuff. If you are curious about the cloth underneath, well it's my mom's ironing table :P. Anyway the package includes:

  • The drive
  • IDE Cable
  • Audio Cable (analogue)
  • Screws (4)
  • One Blank CD-R 700MB (16X)
  • One Blank CD-RW 650MB (High Speed)
  • A Detailed 37 Page Manual (Comes in English, Dutch, French and Spanish)
  • Nero 5 Burning Software (OEM Version)

One interesting thing I noticed is that, this drive is made in Malaysia. This could explain the relatively low price. Also, you can't use this drive in a vertical position.

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