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Zalman ZM17-Cu VGA Cooler
review by David, 23 April 2002


A silent PC is fast becoming very desirable among computer enthusiasts, where the goal is to tweak your hardware to it's maximum possible performance level, while keeping the experience as noiseless as possible. I personally like to be able to hear myself think when using my computer. The whine of high speed fans tend to spoil my DVD watching experience, as well as when i'm enjoying my collection of MP3s (legal copies, of course...).

One of the ways to increase performance of your computer, is to overclock your graphics card. This involves overclocking both the core and memory speed of that graphic card. I still run a Geforce2 MX, and don't have the funds at the moment to upgrade to a newer graphic card. To help in overclocking the graphics card, the Zalman ZM17-Cu is one of the many aftermarket VGA coolers available, with the difference being that it is totally fanless, as per Zalman's product line which is aimed at noiseless cooling solutions.

Zalman's product line centers largely on the CNPS acronym, which stands for Computer Noise Prevention System. This basically means that their products are aimed at reducing the amount of noise in your system, thus providing you with the quietest parts available, while also providing the best performance level possible.

This review is actually very overdue, my apologies to Zalman, who were very gracious in providing the review sample.

Product Specifications

Here's a quick look at the product specifications, ripped straight from the Zalman website.


  • ZM17-CU does not require a fan, thus it does not need to be powered, nor does it create noise or vibration.
  • The video card can be cooled down to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.
  • More stable operation of the video card is ensured in overclocking environment.

(Zalman is not responsible for any damage to system and/or the video card caused by overclocking)


  • One ZM17-CU FHS
  • Two Thermal Adhesives(Type A, B)

HeatSink Specification

  • Model : ZM17-CU
  • Dimensions : 125W X 52L X 17H mm
  • Fin Length : 65mm
  • No. of Fins : 14
  • Fin Thickness : 0.3mm
  • Base Material : Pure Copper
  • Mass : 120g
  • Surface Area: 510cm2
  • Thermal Resistance : 2.2deg C/W

Compatible Video Cards

  • Usable on all brands of video cards

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